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    • East London Piano operates from the following studios :
    • Studio 1 –  within Netil House, studio 27.
  •            Studio 2 – at Netil House, studio 28. 


    • Update – 30.3.2019: The following slots are available at Netil House – studio 27 for piano lessons:  NO slots available.
  • ***NEW STUDIO 28*** The following slots are available at Netil House – studio 28 for piano lessons:  Tuesdays 78pm weekly (with Eleni teaching),  Wednesdays 7-9pm  weekly (with Bota teaching), Thursdays 7.30pm (with Eleni teaching), Fridays 7pm (with Bota teaching), Saturdays at 9.30am-10am & 12pm-12.30pm (with Michael teaching), Sundays 2.30pm weekly (with Agata teaching).

School calendar for 2018/19

Autumn Term 2018

    • Start – Saturday 8 September 2018 (first day of lessons)
    • Half Term – Monday 22 – Saturday 28 October 2018 (no lessons)
  • End – Friday 21 December 2018 (last day of lessons)

Spring Term 2019

    • Start – Monday 7 January 2019 (first day back)
    • Half Term – Monday 18 – Sunday 24 February 2019 (no lessons)
  • End – Sunday 7 April 2019 (last day of lessons)

Summer Term 2019

    • Start – Tuesday 23 April 2019 (first day of lessons)
    • Half Term – Monday 27 – Sunday 2 June 2019  (no lessons)
  • End – Tuesday 23 July 2019 (last day of lessons for the school year).
  • We have had a gorgeous Kawai grand piano delivered to Studio 28 at Netil House – thank you to Hampstead Pianos! A very special instrument suitable for rehearsals and recordings as well as tuition.
  • EXAM RESULTS SUMMER 2018: Congratulations to our piano students Anna, Daniel, Tom Sch. and Tom St. for excellent prep test results in the ABRSM exam season of Summer 2018! Well done to Nathan for passing his grade 2 ABRSM piano exam with Merit (Kat‘s student), and our adult students Neil for passing his grade 6 ABRSM piano exam with Merit (Eleni’s class) and Dominic for passing his grade 2 ABRSM piano exam with Merit (Eleni’s class).                  Congratulations to Massimo for passing his grade 3 ABRSM piano exam (Eleni’s class), our adult student Monique for passing her grade 4 ABRSM piano exam  (Alex‘s student), Daisy for passing her ABRSM grade 2 piano exam (Kat’s student), Jemimah for passing her ABRSM grade 3 piano exam (Eleni’s student), Mary for passing her grade 3 ABRSM piano exam (Eleni’s student) and our adult student Zoe for passing her ABRSM grade 3 piano exam (Eleni’s student).                                        A huge congratulations to adult student Mark for passing his grade 5 Jazz piano ABRSM piano exam with Distinction (Alex’s student), Fynn for achieving Distinction in his ABRSM piano grade 5 exam (Alex’s student), as well as Victor for passing his grade 1 ABRSM piano exam with Distinction (Darragh’s student)!
  • East London Piano MD, Kat Perdikomati, has acquired the Little Voices franchise for Hackney! Little Voices is a performing arts education organization offering drama and singing lessons of distinction to small groups. Wednesdays at St John and St James primary school, Isabella Road, E9 6DX from 4.30pm and on Saturdays at Berger School, Anderson Road, E9 6HB from 10.30-11.45am ! Little Voices Hackney
  • Congratulations to our piano students Zahi, Evanna and Frank for excellent prep test results in the ABRSM exam season of Spring 2018! Well done to Eva for passing her grade 1 ABRSM piano exam with Merit (Alex’s student), Aliyya for passing her grade 2 ABRSM piano exam with Merit (Kat’s class), Max for passing his grade 2 ABRSM piano exam with Merit (Eleni’s class) and Lamis for passing her grade 2 ABRSM piano exam with Merit (Eleni’s class). Congratulations to Deniz for passing his grade 3 ABRSM piano exam  (Kat‘s student), as well as our adult students Lara and Ike for passing their grade 2 ABRSM piano exams (both Eleni’s students)!
  • On Friday 23 February 2018, East London Piano ventured to the Music Education Expo at the Olympia in London, where we discovered new resources, networked and saw old and new friends!
    Thank you to the Musicians’ Union, Incorporated Society of Musicians, EPTA UK, ABRSM, @Schott For wonderful freebies!A huge thank you to Coach House Pianos for a wonderful goodie bag and great chat! They have a fleet of premium pianos for the discerning pianist and music lover who is easily satisfied with the very best!
  • Congratulations to our student Carter for achieving ‘high commendation’ at the Dulwich College Junior School’s piano competition in January 2018!
  • Our student Carter is now a Probationer in the Temple Church Choir – in September 2017, Carter sang with the choir in many churches in Germany with a major Choral Evensong in the Martinskirche, Singdelfingen.
    In October, they sang in the Memorial for Lord Toulson and Jonathan Hirst, also at St Paul’s Cathedral with John Rutter and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Congratulations to our piano students Lieu-Yen, Jago, Victor, Isobel for excellent prep test results in the ABRSM exam season of Winter 2017! Also to Olivia for passing her grade 2 ABRSM piano exam with merit (Darragh’s student) and Anna for also passing her grade 2 ABRSM piano exam  (Alex‘s student). Well done Carter for achieving distinction in his ABRSM grade 2 piano exam (Alex’s student).
  • Congratulations to Maya for getting distinction in the Grades Repertoire classes at the Around the Globe Music Festival 2017 !
    Maya is Eleni’s student.
  • Good luck to our students David, Aliyya, Mimi and Maya in their concert performance today, 12th November 2017 at 2.30pm at the Incorporated Society of Musicians’ North London event!
  • Our Christmas 2017  concert has now been fixed for the 16th of December from 4-6pm (rehearsals from 3pm) at Schott’s in Central London. Please put this in your diary!  All our students are welcome to take part. ***UPDATE: apologies for the lengthy queues and lack of sitting at our Xmas concert! It was incredibly busy and we are thankful to everyone who came!***
  • Congratulations to our students for sitting their ABRSM piano exams successfully in the summer of 2017!
    Well done to: Ike (grade 1 – merit), Massimo (grade 2), Rafael and Joseph (prep test), Inez (prep test) – all Eleni’s students; Daniel (merit – grade 2) – Alex’s student; Nathan (grade 1) – Kat’s student; Carla (grade 1) and Micol (prep test) – both Darragh’s students.
  • Don’t forget: on Saturday 15th July 2017 at 3.30pm, our Summer concert at Schott’s, 48 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7BB. Tickets: GBP6 on the door. We look forward to seeing many of you there, to celebrate another year of music making!
    Don’t forget: rehearsal at 2.30pm!
  • Tune into BBC radio 4 on June 4th 2017 at 12.15pm to hear our tutor Alex Hill-Knight discuss the latest keyboard invention which is taking the world by storm – the ‘ROLI’ Seaboard – with ROLI’s inventor and improvising with an ensemble at ROLI’s headquarters in London.
    ELP was BBC Radio 4’s choice of piano school to participate in this exclusive broadcast!
  • Congratulations to our students for passing their piano exams in the Spring term of 2017 ! Dominic (ABRSM piano – grade 1 distinction), Jackie (ABRSM grade 2- merit), Paul (ABRSM piano grade 8 – merit), Orlando (ABRSM piano grade 3), Mary (ABRSM piano grade 2), Jemimah (ABRSM piano grade 1), Lara (ABRSM piano grade 3), Lamis (grade 1), and Max (grade 1 – merit). All Eleni’s students. Also congratulations to Monique (grade 3 – merit), James (prep test) – both Alex’s students.
  • The 3rd Battersea Piano Festival took place on Saturday, 11th March 2017 at St. Mary’s & St. John the Divine. We are delighted to announce that two of our students won medals at the competitive part of the event!
    Many Congratulations to Viraj Pradeep for getting the First Prize/Medal in the Improving Players – Open Recital Class and to Mary Watson for her Silver Medal in the Grade 2 exam class. Our students Massimo Chottai and Lamis El-Baitah were commended in the festival.

Mary is Eleni’s student and Viraj is Kat’s student.


  • We are delighted to announce that we are hosting a day of piano masterclasses and a piano recital by former Chetham’s Piano Professor Alicja Fiderkiewicz on Sunday, 11 December 2016 at Schott’s Central London. Alicja will be giving masterclasses to students from 10am-2pm (30mins or 60mins slots available), and will then perform in recital for us from 2.30-3.30pm. To book your masterclass/observer/concert tickets please visit our EventBrite page or contact us directly. EventBrite link with full info and booking forms: After the recital, we will hold our Christmas Concert for ELP students between 5-7pm (also at Schott’s).
  • We have now had all the results in for the summer term of our ABRSM piano exams for 2015-2016 – well done to all the students who once again did a great job : Nathan Adeniyi (prep test), Neil Ashe (grade 5 – merit), Neil Ashe (grade 3 theory – merit), Fynn Bearfoot (grade 3 jazz piano – merit), Massimo Chottai (grade 1 – pass), Noa Denguessi – Toche (prep test), Lou Duthoo (grade 1 – merit), Saskia Grillo (grade 5 – pass), Anna Hull (grade 1 – pass), Matthew Knight (grade 5 – merit), Mila Larnach (prep test), Aatami Lever (prep test), Naimah Ntege (grade 1 – distinction), Carter Olmeo (grade 1 – distinction), Viraj Pradeep (grade 2 – distinction), Max Pucher (grade 1 – pass), Vincent Pucher (prep test), Joe Rayment (grade 3 jazz piano – merit), Lara Tijani (grade 1 – merit), Eve Turner (grade 2 – pass), Ruth Williams (grade 5 – pass), David Williams (grade 4 – merit), Carla Williams (prep test).
  • Many congratulations to the following students for passing their ABRSM piano exams in the Lent term of  2015/2016 : Carter Olmeo (prep test), Aliyya Darji (grade 1 – merit), Daniel van Rooyen-Otamendi (grade 1 – merit), Max Larney (prep test), Kate Whatmough (grade 1 – pass), Mary Watson (grade 1 – merit), Jackie Cahoon (grade 1 – distinction), Millie Turner (grade 5 – pass).
  • The first results of the 2015/16 winter term for ABRSM exams are in and we have had a stellar first term! Many congratulations to: Myfanwy (grade 5 piano – distinction), Viraj (grade 1 piano – distinction), Lauren (grade 2 piano – distinction), Saskia (grade 4 piano – merit) – all Kat’s students as well as Joe (Rockschool grade 2 piano – distinction) – Joe is Alex’s student. Results from term 2: Jackie (grade 1 piano – distinction), Mary (grade 1 piano – merit), Daniel (grade 1 piano – merit), Aliyya (grade 1 piano – merit), Kate (piano grade 1), Millie (piano grade 5), Max (piano prep test).
  • A fantastic first round at the 2016 EPTA national piano competition for Faith McLeish (Kat’s student) who achieved distinction and progressed to the second round.
  • Many congratulations to Anna Hull for being awarded Silver Medal at the 2016 Battersea Piano Festival in the Early learners/solo category! Anna is Alex’s student. Lulu Grillo (Kat’s student) also achieved a High Commendation in the same piano festival in the Recital class (up to grade 4).
  • Our Christmas concert took place on Sunday 13 December 2015 at Schott’s Music in Central London; our beginner and advanced students all played beautifully and were supported by a warm audience of family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came and well done to those who won freebies in the raffle! (free piano lessons and classical music CDs).
  • Congratulations to Saskia Grillo, our 2015-16 recipient of the ‘Yorgos Perdikomatis’ scholarship offered by East London Piano to a student of great promise! Saskia is currently taking piano lessons with Kat Perdikomati, ELP’s founder and director. ELP have also selected Faith Macleish for a second scholarship to start from December 2015 onwards – Faith is Kat’s student.
  • All our students have now taken part in the 2015 Clic Sargent Practice-a-thon the week before the half term break (19-25 October 2015). We have now managed to raise £435 to help children with cancer.  Thank you to all who participated and gave generously.
  • All our students get FREE membership to Meludia, a new & innovative aural training website:
  • We have had our teacher/parent meetings at the Hackney Picturehouse on Friday 27 November 2015. We saw and chatted to many parents about their children’s progress over coffee. Thank you to those who came.
    • ELP is gearing up for our first day back which is the 7th September 2015. Our pianos have been tuned and polished, carpets steam cleaned, our colourful chandeliers  have been dusted…  and we can’t wait to welcome our students back!
      We have many exciting plans this year – a few of them are:

      – piano swaps: once a term our students will be assigned for one week only to a different tutor from the ELP team. This will ensure quality control, a fresh input and feedback for the students and a fun and exciting challenge for both students and tutors.

      – we are continuing with our ’10-a-year’ teaching plan. Our more advanced students will be assigned ten pieces by their tutors at the beginning of the year – they have to complete one per month in order to hit the annual target of playing 10 new pieces every year.
      – monthly free music appreciation classes for all students are now back! Kat will be leading group sessions on the last Sunday of every month (from 6-7pm), playing recordings of classical and contemporary/jazz masterpieces to our students. The classes are open to all students, free to attend and they are amazingly fun! No preparation required and no homework will be given.
      – our new Wunderkeys method for preschoolers is continuing, which is a great introduction to music/piano for pre-schoolers, ages 2-5. It’s a fantastic programme; to find out more:
      – Tutor concerts will be announced in due course!
      – Adult student concerts will also take place for the first time this year!
      – Our annual masterclass will take place in Spring 2016 – details TBC.
  • Congratulations to our students who passed their ABRSM graded exams during the 2014-2015 school year: Tilda Harrison, Emilia Crocker-Griffiths, Max Pucher, Aliyya Saiyed, Razik Saiyed, Mary Watson, Ihsan Balfour, Massimo Chottai, Trinity Dirnberger, Lamis El-Baitah, Joshuamir Osilla, Daisy Stewart (all prep test), Joshua Taylor (distinction – grade 1), Sara Minnelli (distinction – grade 1), Rosalia Smith( distinction – grade 1), Millie Turner (Performance Assessment), Samuel Cheung (distinction – grade 1), Lauren Grillo (distinction – grade 1), Lola Smith (merit – grade 1), Esta Macinnes (merit – grade 1), Lamar Luwum (merit – grade 1), Brendan Meade (merit – grade 1), Joe Rayment (merit – Rockshool grade 1), Marie Achaintre (grade 1), Bella Meadow-Holland (grade 1), Eve Turner (grade 1),  Saskia Grillo (merit – theory grade 2), Lamar Luwum (merit – grade 2), Alma Harrison (merit- grade 2),  Tom Wickham (merit – grade 2), Gustave Djuric (grade 2), Emma Mueller (grade 2),Mia Smerdon (grade 2), Millie Turner (merit – grade 4), Ruth Williams (merit – grade 4), Fynn Bearfoot (merit – Guildhall/Trinity grade 4), Oscar Djuric (grade 4), Rukiya Spencer (grade 4).

An amazing number of 35 ELP students prepared and successfully sat their graded exams just last year!


  • For those of you who missed our 2014 Summer recital  at the beautiful October Gallery, here is a teaser video with some of our students performing:


  • Congratulations to our students for successfully sitting their ABRSM graded exams in the Summer term of 2014:  Mitsumi – grade 3  with distinction,  Stewart – grade 2 with distinction, Saskia – grade 3 with merit, Lulu -prep test, Oscar – grade 3 with merit, Gustave – grade 1 with merit, Darren – grade 1 with merit, Makilah-grade 5 (all Kat’s students),  May – grade 1 with merit and Natasha – grade 4 (both Alex’s students), and Emma – violin exam grade 3 (Barbara’s student).
  • Our 2014 summer concert has been confirmed and will take place on Saturday, 12th July at the wonderful October Gallery in Holborn, Central London and it will be professionally filmed and photographed. Tickets cost 10 pounds per person in advance, or 15 on the door. Please ask your tutor for details. Beginners session: 4-5pm, Advanced students: 7-8pm.
  • Congratulations to Sean- Wenn Wong and Joyee Lee for winning first prize in the Blackheath piano festival in the respective categories and for their commendations at the North London Piano Festival! Both Kasia’s students.
  • Congratulations to our students for successfully sitting their ABRSM graded exams in the Spring term of 2014:  Shean-Wenn – grade 1  with distinction,  Kaye – grade 1 with distinction, Joyee – grade 3 with distinction, Isaac -grade 1 with distinction, Malachi – grade 1 with distinction, Alma – grade 1 with distinction (all Kasia’s students), Adam – grade 2 with merit,  Rukiya – grade 3 and Kaylan – grade 2 (all Dominic’s students), Myfanwy – grade 4 with merit, Tayren – grade 1, Sally – grade 2 (Kat’s students) and Angelina – grade 1 (Eleni’s student).
  • We are excited to announce that virtuoso pianist Coady Green will be giving masterclasses to our students throughout January and February. This is a unique opportunity to be taught by a musician of international stature at a fraction of his usual rates. Please email us to enquire.
  • Congratulations to our students for successfully sitting their ABRSM graded exams in the Winter term of 2013:  Mia – grade 1 piano with merit and Tom – grade 1 with merit (both Dominic’s students), Joy – grade 1 piano with merit and Rana – grade 3 piano (both Kat’s students), Eve – prep test piano (Kat’s student), Esta-prep test piano, KJ-prep test piano and Jayden-prep test piano (all Kasia’s students) and Daisy – prep test piano (Eleni’s student)
  • 2013/14 half term breaks – ELP closed: 28 October-3 November 2013, 22 December 2013-5 January 2014 (Christmas), 17 -23 February 2014, 6-20 April 2014 (Easter), 26 May-1 June 2014,  last day of school year: 22nd July 2014. (Source:
  • Our studios are also available to rent for acoustic/small ensemble rehearsals at a low cost.
  • Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!! Vouchers for music lessons make an original gift, get in touch with us now to order yours – our vouchers are very popular!
  • ELP continue to offer their annual scholarship ‘Yorgos Perdikomatis’ – the 2013-4 recipient of the scholarship will be awarded a year’s lesson (30mins a week) which will be given by ELP founder, Kat Perdikomati. Auditions to take place soon – watch this space!
  • Are you interested in music theory lessons? Kodaly singing/introduction to music for early ages? Songwriting and composition? ELP have amazing offers for groups!


  • Natalia Bucko (student of Kasia Daleczko) has placed 3rd at the West London Piano Festival and Competition ! We are delighted for Natalia – a brilliant result, as the level was very high.
  • Winter 2012 exam results: Congratulations to all our pupils for passing their ABRSM exams! ELP maintains its 100% success rate! Joyee – grade 1 with distinction (Kasia’s student), Rukiya – grade 2 with merit (Dominic’s student), Natalia grade 2  – with merit (Kasia’s student), Nnamdi – grade 5  (Kat’s student), Rana – grade 2 (Kat’s student), Mati – grade 2 (Kat’s student), Mitsumi – grade 2 (Kat’s student).
  • Summer 2012 exam results: Congratulations to all our pupils for passing their ABRSM graded exams! Joyee- prep test (Kasia’s student), Natalia – grade 1 piano and theory with distinction (Kasia’s student),  Issy – grade 1 piano with merit, Hannah – grade 1 piano with merit, Millie – grade 2 piano, Nnamdi – grade 4 piano with distinction, Oscar – grade 1 piano with merit, Makilah – grade 3 piano with merit, Ella – grade 3 piano, Mae – grade 3 piano, Jodie – grade 4 piano and Ruby –  grade 4 piano. All Kat’s students.
  • 2013 half term breaks – ELP closed: 18-24 February 2013, 28 March-14 April 2013 (Easter), 27 May-2 June 2013, last day of school year: 24th July 2013. (Source:


  • Spring 2012 ABRSM exam results: Congratulations to Natasha for passing her ABRSM grade 1 violin exam with distinction!  Congratulations also to Kat’s student Rana for passing her grade 1 piano exam with merit  and to Natalia on her pre-test result! Natalia is Kasia’s student.
  • Update: all our pupils have passed their ABRSM piano exams in December 2011. Mitsumi & Rukiya- grade 1, Martha – grade 2, Nnamdi – grade 3 and Jessie – grade 4. Congratulations to all!


  • We are putting together an adult female choir, if you are interested in singing your favourite jazz/pop songs in a friendly and relaxed atmoshpere, get in touch! From GBP 9/hour! This is an amazing offer.


  • We can help you find the perfect keyboard/piano and even try it out for you! We can also order your books for you, just let us know!


  • EXAM RESULTS: All of our piano pupils who sat their ABRSM exams in June 2011, passed with flying colours! Congratulations to: Jodie Lee & Ruby Lee – Grade 3 (merit & pass respectively), Nnamdi Cole – Grade 2 (distinction), Ella Popper – Grade 2 (distinction), Makilah King – Grade 2 (merit), Mae Lee – Grade 2 (merit), Millie Turner – Grade 1 (distinction), Martha Stagg – Grade 1 (distinction).


  • END OF YEAR CONCERT: Click below to watch a video of our budding pianists performing in front of an audience of friends and family at St John Hackney:

Pupils’ end of year Concert at St John Hackney – June 2011


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