ABRSM Exams 2014-2015

Congratulations to our students who passed their ABRSM graded exams during the 2014-2015 school year: Tilda Harrison, Emilia Crocker-Griffiths, Max Pucher, Aliyya Saiyed, Razik Saiyed, Mary Watson, Ihsan Balfour, Massimo Chottai, Trinity Dirnberger, Lamis El-Baitah, Joshuamir Osilla, Daisy Stewart (all prep test), Joshua Taylor (distinction – grade 1), Sara Minnelli (distinction – grade 1), Rosalia Smith( distinction – grade 1), Millie Turner (Performance Assessment), Samuel Cheung (distinction – grade 1), Lauren Grillo (distinction – grade 1), Lola Smith (merit – grade 1), Esta Macinnes (merit – grade 1), Lamar Luwum (merit – grade 1), Brendan Meade (merit – grade 1), Joe Rayment (merit – Rockshool grade 1), Marie Achaintre (grade 1), Bella Meadow-Holland (grade 1), Eve Turner (grade 1),  Saskia Grillo (merit – theory grade 2), Lamar Luwum (merit – grade 2), Alma Harrison (merit- grade 2),  Tom Wickham (merit – grade 2), Gustave Djuric (grade 2), Emma Mueller (grade 2),Mia Smerdon (grade 2), Millie Turner (merit – grade 4), Ruth Williams (merit – grade 4), Fynn Bearfoot (merit – Guildhall/Trinity grade 4), Oscar Djuric (grade 4), Rukiya Spencer (grade 4).

An amazing number of 35 ELP students prepared and successfully sat their graded exams just last year!



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